Let me tell you a story...

Audiobook Credits

Blue Moon (The Blue Mountain Series, Book 2) by Tess Thompson

Blue Midnight (The Blue Mountain Series, Book 1) by Tess Thompson

Take My Advice by Tristi Pinkston 

The Forgiveness Book by Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D

Murdered Twice by Linda Heavner Gerald

50 Things to Know Before Selling Your Home by Donna Batdorff

Professional Collaborators

Khristine Hvam - Mentor and coach

Andi Arndt, Jayme Mattler - coaching

Michael Kinsey - producer

Katie Lopez - sound engineer/editor

Amanda Rose Smith - sound consultant

Currently in Production

Out of Control: A Story of Love and Addiction (The Forgotten Ones) by Kate Lion

Duet for Three Hands by Tess Thompson

Upcoming Projects...

Blue Ink by Tess Thompson