The path that lead me here...


I'm a classically trained soprano and stage actor, and my work as an audiobook narrator has taken me on an amazing creative adventure! My expertise includes years of singing, acting and providing vocal coaching for stage productions including Annie, The Secret Garden, and Fiddler on the Roof. With my knowledge of diction and experience performing in foreign languages, I can read and deliver text in Hebrew, German, Spanish and Italian with integrity.

My Creative Team

Thankfully, I don't do this alone! I've been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with several of the most respected professionals in the audiobook industry.

Jayme Mattler - coach & mentor

Kathleen Lopez - sound engineer for Audible & editor of Blue Mountain Series

Amanda Rose Smith - sound engineer & creative director for Duet for Three Hands

As an avid reader, I have a love of the written word which was part of the inspiration for my desire to bring an author's words to life. The tipping point for my pursuit of audiobook narration was my work as a teacher. I have seen the power of Audiobooks to bring literature and informational text to adults and children with challenges that restrict their ability to read traditional text. I've introduced children with dyslexia to the power of reading through listening. As a result, my students have been able to immerse themselves in books that spark ideas, open up important conversations and affect them deeply. For those that struggle with reading, Audiobooks level the playing field so that anyone can enjoy great books without limitations. When I discovered that 95% of published books are released without an audio option, I decided I would use my voice to help make more books available to all readers.