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Creating a Partnership 

My vision is to work in partnership with authors and publishers to produce a narration that captures the essence of each story and brings it to life for the listener. To ensure that my work is of highest professional quality, I partner with sound engineers that have extensive experience producing audiobooks. There are links to audio samples that are representative of both my style of narration and the quality of sound production that I offer.

If you are interested in forging a partnership or opening up a dialogue, please email me with your inquiry. If requested, I am willing to record a three minute excerpt of any text for your consideration. After a contract is agreed to, samples will be sent as the recording process begins to assure that my presentation of the text represents the author's vision.

Financial transactions will be agreed upon and processed through an intermediary such as ACX, Findaway Voices, Blunderwoman Productions, or PRH

Content will be made available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes unless otherwise specified.